Updated 7-5-10

Apogee Instruments - Manufacturers of the AP7b CCD camera (our primary instrument). - Nice website with great details on several areas of astrophysics. Great for getting a feel for the science.

Bob Denny's innovative telescope control software

Christian Buil - A very detailed site with LOTS of information from stars to spectrograph construction.

Cyanogen Productions, Inc. - Makers of MaximDL (see Software)

My friend Gary Cole's spectroscopy website.

Easy to use real time spectroscopy software.

Extrasolar Planets Searches - List of current planet search projects.

Fachgruppe Spektroskopie

Forum for Amateur AstroSpectroscopy

Exoplanet Data Explorer

Interactive solar spectrum database that you can query.

Our friend Dale Mais does pro level work with the SBIG spectrograph

Maurice Gavin has sucessfully obtained spectra of quasars.

NIH Image Home Page

NOAO home page for IRAF

Image Lab - Great astronomical image processing software

Rhea Corporation - SPECTRA SOFTWARE

Santa Barbara Instruments Group, makers of the ST7 CCD.

Universe Today - General astronomy info and newsletter.

VizieR Database - Where we go to find info on stars.

Volume Phase Holographic Gratings - Our friend Sam Barden worked on developing these gratings. They promise to be 90% efficient, compared to 70% for today's best ruled gratings.

Winer Mobile Observatory - Our destination observatory in Arizona. They rent piers for robotic telescope systems.