Raemor Vista

Raemor Vista Observatory in south eastern Arizona
Alt. 4500'

Updated 7-2014

Dome is now fully automated with wide field camera.  3-2014

Temporary pier for ME II
 Wiring for full automation and fiber optic data line
 Hydraulic system for lower shutter
 Electrical conduits 2013
 Control room under construction
Dome structure enclosed.
Side walls going up.
Lifting the 200lb lower shutter into place. 6-2010
The dome becomes self supporting here.
Individual panels being slid into position
Skirt getting bolted into position
Support beams concreted into footings
A 6x6 inch I-beam was custom bent into a circle to hold the roller ring
Layout of the roller ring for support spacing
Telescope pier with footings for mounting points
Digging the foundation for the telescope pier and control room
A semi truck worth of parts arrived in the fall of 08
Original CAD design. 18' dome with 20x10 control room.